Bhutan Greets Tours and Travels (BGTT) is a renowned Tour Operator in Bhutan, legally and lawfully recognized by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The main motive of the company is to provide the guests with "One of a Lifetime Experiences" while in Bhutan and go back home Happy from the “Land of Happiness”. Our motto is “Give Happiness to our guests with our excellent professional services and hospitality”.

What makes Bhutan Greets Different from others?

Unlike other travel agents in Bhutan, Bhutan Greets measure the success not by how much earnings has been made but by Happiness and Satisfaction of our valued and honored guests as guided by the country’s philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH). We believe in GNH and we work hard to give the best experiences to our guests while in Bhutan and take home Happiness from the Land of Happiness.

Bhutan Greets Tours and Travels (BGTT) is a licensed tour operator as certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, and the Association of Bhutanese Tourism Operators.

 Tashi Delek!!!